*This is only used for Sunday parking. If you don't want to be judged on Sunday, just write "No Judge" on your dash placard.


In the Stock Class, the judges are looking for vehicles, which is similar to what it looked like when it left the dealership. Things like stock looking interior, exterior, and engine compartments are all a plus in this class. The stock class can have up to 3 modifications, and not get marked off. Things like after-market electronic ignition, batteries, exhaust systems, and other small components are all examples of the modifications you can have, and still be eligible to win.


This is a fun class. The Restified Class is for vehicles, which the owner gets to add between 3 and 7 personal touches. The judges are looking for headers, stereos, and after-market wheels and tires. These are all pluses in this class. This class also has the tribute cars or clone cars. For example, you have a 1969 Satellite, and you clone it into a Road Runner. This is the class for you. A clone or tribute car can be 100% stock, or have between 3 to 7 personal touches. It is all up to you.


The Modified Class is for the all-out modified vehicles. Things like total custom interiors, radically built engines, big tires, and custom paint are all pluses in this class. The wilder the better. These vehicles must be street legal.


The Pro Street vehicle is one step more radical than Modified. These can be full tilt race cars, but still must be street legal. Your Pro Street vehicle consists of tubbed rear ends, radically altered suspension, custom interiors, and can have enough horsepower to rotate the earth. These are all pluses in this class.


The Race Class is for the race vehicle, which is only driven on the track. It cannot be driven on the street. This can be your 1/4 drag car, drifting car, or off-road desert racer. Whatever tickles your fancy, as long as it is not on public highways, this is the class for you.

**If you have a Mopar that doesn't seem to fit the classes, please email us at And yes, we've had Chrysler boats, Hemi Air Raid Sirens, Monteverdi Hai, and all kinds of crazy stuff that people love to see.

NOTE: You can change classes at any time before 10 am. BUT you may need to move to another area. Contact a CPW volunteer to help if you are changing into OR out of Pro Street, Race Car, In Progress, Wing Car, Unclassified, Mopar Related, or Modified Unclassified classes.