"If I pay one day registration, does it matter if I switch days afterwards?"

No. Same cost both days. If you change the day you come after pre-registration that is fine.

"Will I receive a pre reg confirmation in the mail?"

No. We have not mailed confirmations for some time now. Your name will be listed at the registration booth. If you register and pay online with PayPal, your PayPal receipt is you confirmation.

"What's the deal with car show on Saturday?"

Show and shine format. No trophies, relaxed. You will be given pass to come back with same car on Sunday.

"What if I want to drop off parts in the parts exchange section?"

To drive into the park you must be a paid show car or a swap meeter.

"What if I want to drop off a car for show and take my truck to the swap section?"

This is fine. You pay for your car show entry and you pay for the according swap meet space.
Example 1: If you have a Pick-up and you drop off your show car and want to bring the trailer in the swap section: You pay for a Pick-up with trailer (extra long spot) swap price and one car show entry price.
Example 2: If you have a Pick-up and you drop off your show car and want to leave the trailer in the trailer parking section: You pay for a Pick-up (one spot) swap price and one car show entry price.

"Why can't the swap meet sellers get in earlier?"

We let the swap meet sellers in roughly at 7:00 am

Explanation: We offer a unique “Fair Chance Swap Meet” Everyone is let in at the same time that gives spectators a “Fair Chance” to buy parts. We do not have a special swap setup time that allows people to buy parts before regular spectator even have a chance.

"When can I line up to get in the show and/or swap?"

The gate to the park and park parking lot is closed overnight. Trespassers are subject to the L.A.P.D. 'Nuff said. Line forms south on Woodley from the south-most entrance to the parking lot.

"Can I park with my friends and/or other car club members in the car show field?"

Saturday: Yes, only if you are next to/near each other in line. Cars are parked first come, first served basis. Sunday: Generally speaking, no. Cars are parked by class as they come in. If someone is in your same exact class and arrives with you on Woodley Ave., you will come in together naturally.

"Can I put up a tent in the car show parking?"

No. Large Tents or EZ-Ups are prohibited in the show parking area.

Explanation: Our liability insurance does not cover large tents in the car show area. Large Tents or EZ-Ups can be picked by the wind easily and damage fine Mopars. Would you like a tent to fall and scratch or dent your show car? Or worse, come crashing down to earth on a loved one. Also tents take up much needed space in the show parking area.

"Where can I get a hotel room?"

Host hotel is the Airtel 1-800-2AIRTEL. For $99 rate mention "CPW club"; 1-1/4 mile from show, free pickup at nearby airport shuttle.

"Can I drink beer in the park?"


Explanation: People drinking visible alcoholic beverages will be asked to leave the premises or the police will remove you.

"What's happening at the Cruise-In?"

The Cruise-In is a place to take your car out for a drive and have dinner on Saturday night. There will be lots of bench racing, camaraderie, and fun among fellow Mopar owners from all over the country and beyond.

"How can I get a extra car show flyers?"

There is a flyer you can print out or call the CPW hotline and clearly and slowly state your address and we will mail you flyer(s).

"Can I bring my dog?"

We recommend you don't bring pets. If you have to, they MUST be leashed.

Explanation: Pets could get lost easily and are very hard to control in a large event like this. There are a lot of rare and delicate vehicles and parts that other participants would not appreciate pets being near.

"Can put my Corvair in the show field?"

No. The car show field is for Mopar and Mopar Related Vehicles.

"Can I buy a show T-shirt before the show?"

No. We suggest buying T-shirt the morning of the show. We run out quickly. We will sell a very limited amount of special one-off color T-shirts after 10:00 am Saturday.

"Who puts on Spring Fling?"

This seems like a crazy question, but we get it often. Chrysler Performance West car club members volunteer their time and effort to put on the Spring Flings for the past 30 years. Many members since the first show.

C.P.W. members start working on the next Spring Fling at the very next club meeting after the show. If you appreciate the show, please tell a C.P.W. member! He or she has put in a lot of effort for you to have a good time.

CPW Hotline 1-818-759-1779