Chrysler Performance West - Mopar Spring Fling & Fall Fling


About CPW ClubAbout the CPW Club

Chrysler Performance West is an event oriented Southern California Mopar car club based in the San Fernando Valley which has long been at the root of cruising, racing and hot rodding. We are dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of Chrysler product vehicles. The club was started in 1985. We have monthly meetings in Granada Hills, CA and regular club events. We put on the Spring Fling and Fall Fling shows at Woodley Park in Van Nuys, CA.

At meetings, we discuss upcoming and past events, process show flyers and material, updates regarding the hobby and questions from the group. Sometimes we have guest speakers: informational, business, technical or most times all of those combined.

There is also time before, after and during the before hand refreshments to share your Mopar camaraderie, do some good old-fashioned bench racing and some networking. Most members bring their Mopars as there is safe, secluded parking just for the club right in front of the meeting hall.

Membership is yearly. New members pro-rated until January. Membership request forms are available upon request. Once completed you will be contacted shortly thereafter to discuss your potential membership. Do not send in money, it will be returned.

CPW Club History

Chrysler Performance West originated in the San Fernando Valley with a young energetic and ambitious group of Mopar hobbyists in the 1985. They soon decided to organize and host their first “Spring Fling” car show at Woodley Park attended by roughly 100 cars that year. The club soon became a very diverse group of people of all ages with performance Mopars of all condition and models. CPW has produced 24 spring shows and 15 fall shows, 39 cars shows in all. Some people even say we have it figured out by now!

Club Event Functions

Chrysler Performance West car club regularly has monthly club events for its members. These events span from attending local shows and cruise-ins, poker rallies, cruises, tours of private car collections, tours of automotive related manufactures and businesses, picnics, complete family oriented events, etc.

Some past Chrysler Performance West car club events:

  • Reagan Library Tour
  • Tour of Edelbrock Corporation
  • Richard Carpenter Collection Tour
  • CPW Annual Poker Rally
  • Steve Juliano Mopar Collection Tour
  • Van Nuys Airport Tour
  • Santa Paula Airport Tour
  • CPW Go Kart Track Day
  • FALL FLING Car Show
  • CPW Holiday Party
  • Granada Hills Holiday Parade